Blue IV(y) : Mr & Mrs Carter Welcome a Baby Girl – Adding “Proud Parents” To Their List of Accomplishments

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[cues up A Star is Born - Blueprint 3] Hollywood power couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce Carter have finally added “proud parents” to their mile long list of accomplishments. Beyonce set twitter on fire over the summer when she creatively announced to the world that she was indeed with child. The pair have been very protective over their decade and then some long relationship. From 03 Bonnie & Clyde (Hov and Bey) to Dangerously in Love – the couple would often hint at their love for each other, but it took several years for them to actually be “out” about it. It’s only been within recent years that the two have really opened up.


Welcome baby Blue Ivy Carter!

It’s reported that the Carter’s rented out the entire fourth floor of Lennox Hill Hospital. Security was Presidential level tight but it didn’t take long before celebrities like Dream Hampton, Rihanna, and Gwenthy Paltrow took to twitter to announce the news. Known for their connection to the number 4 – I personally expected baby Carter to be born on January 4th (and appropriately named Brooklyn Carter)…but lets take a look at the number as it relates to Bey and Jay


December 4th: Jay Z’s birthday
September 4th: Queen Bey’s birthday

January 4th 1954: Mama Tina Knowles birthday
April 4th 2008: The day they got married. (April is the 4th month of the year, the 4th day, and when you multiply 4 by a couple you get 8. Reaching? Maybe – but don’t act like you didnt think of it too!)
The 4th Floor: of Lenox Hospital where baby Blue Ivy was born

The 44th President (elected on November 4th) : One of Bey’s shining moments was when she was invited to sing “At Last” to the the President and First Lady. She has said that she finds great significance in the fact that he is the 44th president.
Ivy: It’s either the first or middle name of the little one – but the first two letters IV are the roman numeral for 4. Jay and Bey also have IV tatt’ed on their ring finger of their left hand.


There’s no doubt in my mind that the will be the best parents possible to their IV, proud papa Jay has been talking about this moment for years.One of my favorite songs from Jay is all about it. I see it as his rap serenade to his unborn daughter: “See I’ve got demons in the past so I have daughters on the way, if the prophecy’s correct then the child will have to pay for the sins of the father so I barter my tomorrow against my yesterdays in hopes that she’ll be ok. And when I’m no longer here to shade her face from the glare i’ll give my share of carols daughter and a shiny new beach chair”



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  1. I wonder if Jay-Z will change the lyric to “And my favorite hue is Ivy Blue”…even though her name is Blue Ivy.

  2. Eboni says:

    lol! I’m really looking forward to their post-baby blue albums. There’s something about parenthood that gives people new inspiration.

    Maybe now they’ll also (finally) do a collab album, Watch the Throne II – the king & queen of NY! lol

  3. I’m pushing for a joint tour too! lol

    If it happens, we should get some kind of credit.

  4. Yakini says:

    Aww, this news made me remember what it was like being in the hospital with a newborn. Terrifying, exhilarating, thrilling, confusing, scary, ecstatic all at once. Celebs or not, Im sure they’re going thru a similar range of emotions. Congrats to the new parents!
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  5. Eboni says:

    Yaki – when I read that she had a csection I immediately flashed back to the first few days after my own. From the nurses needing to help me change my pad in the hospital, to Justin having to hold my abdomen while I used the bathroom because I was huting….Talk about being in PAIN! UGH!

  6. Lauryn Doll says:

    IVy … Hot.
    I’m sure between cousin Julez and Aunt Solange and all of G-Ma Tina’s Dereon rhinestones and all the empowerment and focus, she will be an amazing child for whom the world is hers. January Babies rock. :-)
    Lauryn Doll recently posted..SFA Brand Development

  7. Queeny says:

    Reports are saying she was actually born on the 8th EST. So that would play into the number 4 thing. I’m partial to 8 since it’s my favorite number. I’m sure Bey got a tummy tuck as well and I ain’t mad at her. Congrats!!! I just hope they can enjoy being parents without too much craziness. Q
    Queeny recently posted..Starting the year off right

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